December 18, 2017

2017 Title III Symposium

The 2017 Title III Symposium will be held July 25-26, 2017 at the Austin Convention Center in downtown Austin. All Title III public school district, charter school, and education service center (ESC) education professionals are invited to attend. This year's event will contain informational breakout sessions that will help provide educators and administrators from Texas Title III-funded school districts and charter schools throughout the state with relevant, research-based information to help them better serve our state's English language learners (ELLs).

This event is available to Title III funded local education agencies (LEAs) only. TEA cannot allow the promotion of any vendors, products, or instructional strategies that require the purchase of a particular product or service.

Alex Kajitani, California Teacher of the Year
& National Teacher of the Year Finalist

  • Considered one of the country’s top math teachers, Alex’s presentation will weave in stories and strategies that address how educators can help students to build a foundation in math.
  • Alex has spent his entire career working in some of California’s poorest, most challenging schools and districts. He is regularly called upon to consult with schools that are looking to increase their achievement levels. His keynote will acknowledge the challenges, highlight the triumphs, and give attendees real strategies that they can use, in order to help improve the performance of low-performing schools.
  • Known across the country as a leading authority in leadership, and for motivating and inspiring teachers, Alex’s keynote directly addresses the challenges educators face every day, and provides practical solutions on how we can recruit, support, and retain teachers and principals.

Dorina Sackman, Florida Teacher of the Year
& National Teacher of the Year Finalist

  • A highly sought-after presenter on the four domains of language acquisition, Dorina’s keynote will give attendees high-leverage strategies on how to build a foundation of reading.
  • Like Alex, Dorina’s entire career has been focused on working in, and working with, struggling schools. The stories, practical strategies and messages she weaves through her keynote give proven strategies for success in helping to improve low-performing schools.
  • Dorina’s presentation focuses on how the bilingual brain works. Students don’t stop being bilingual once they leave high school, so she is able to connect high school to career and college, by exploring the mindset that our ELL students will need as they move into adulthood.
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